Friday, July 3, 2009

Fags doom Nation

i dont know what does this mean...
but the song is cool

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Friday, May 8, 2009

World gone WRONG

This is my update...

I found some bloody stunning photos from myspace...this is the craziest shit i've ever seen..

Children nowadays are over exposed to these things...

Here are the pictures i found..It was taken by a street web cam

Ya'horny little kids

Look at the little boys hand..

And again

Can she even find it

They've got skills..

AWHH..This is just Wrong

thats all for today

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Trip to Bangkok 2009

Its the March holidays..Cousins parents planned a trip to Bangkok..

Woohoo...airport..Meet up at LCCT ( Low Class Crap Terminal )

The Malaysian Air Asia Stewadest are all ugly... Air Asia advertisements with pretty girls are

bull shit..

Woohooo...We have reached Bangkok.. WAhhh..Bangkok girls..Wooh..every second i look..

LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT..There is always a chick right there..Haaaaa...

We met up with our lady tour guide whose teeth are literally Grey in colour..Which

totally creeped me out..she spoke chinese to cool..

AND i have an UNCLE from Thailand..He's cool..Old but cool..and has alot of money..

Okay..soo we were hungry so we went and eat dinner at a restaurant on a ferry..

I was like woohoooo this so cool..

And wooH its a buffet..The ferry was going aroud the river..sceneries of the city

I ate and ate a shit load of food..altough it was horrible i still ate.
Well..Its a bad idea to eat so much on a ferry especially when its moving

Well i had sea sick after that..=.=

Went to the hotel...
I feltt hungry again..went down to the shopping mall..
And went to mcdonalds..take away.
back to the hotel

McDonalds Pork Burger..OooOoO...its the bomb..
They even have cheesy fries , good stuff


Went for a free massage..I was like O.o i hate massages
PLease..i want a hot thai chick to give me a massage

Well , I didnt get what i want..=.=


Later on, we went to Pattaya
In my sense of view its heaven
Wonder why? figure it out yourself

From bangkok to Pattaya took us 2 hours to reach
its worth it

we went to the beach straight away..

than took a boat to a huge platform ship in the middle of the sea.

My cousin asked me took go for paragliding i was like errr okay?
Than my cousin asked the person incharge of the paragliding thing to
do something.He was speaking cantonese so i didnt understand.

i was all dry and ready.

I was flying in the air and stuff i was quite far away from the ship.
than the boat suddenly stopped.
i looked at the boat driver.he looked at me and smiled
i was like O.o

once my whole body dipped in the water he started the boat and
pressed the accelerator hard..

he pulled me in the water..

He did it twice..
I think this is what my cousin told him what to do.

i was soaked..

After that me and my cousin went to another boat only us both..

we were going to walk under seawater...
It was So CooooOOL

We had to wear this huge thing on our head..
Its cool..
Then we started posing with stuff

wanted to go 'club a go-go'


Back to Bangkok..
met up with my thailand family..


Later on went to a place
i forgot what its called..but it was an awsome place to visit

Owhh yeahh


There are more to talk about but im lazy ..

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Crocs Gone..

It was monday 16 of march 2009.When my favourite pair of expensive crocs tore..SHIT

not gonna write much..cause this incident was embarrassing..

Anyways..i still got myself a pair of new slippers..This time Bum equipment..=D

note to self:never wear crocs and play basketball

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Ultimate Frisbee..

Sunday, March 8, 2009 8:40 PM

We had our first friendly frisbee match..

it was a last minute call from Chun some of the players couldnt come..Okay maybe

my whole team and Boy's(Hafez) whole was only Me , Aiman , Josh and Jonathan from

my team..and chun yeets team..which are the form 5's there were about eight of them.

All the seniors didnt know the rules and stuff..they were all new at frisbee..

So yeah ... we played from 3 to 6 something in the blazzing Sun..

We lost in the end..

10 12

They were quite good..but we didnt have our ready we kinda lost..

The ones who worked out the most was Me , Aiman , Josh , Chun yeet and Jonathan.

the rest were all new so i cant judge on them. Actually Aiman did a shit load of running.

i can never manage a without my team..






6#:Chong Hong

7#:Ron lim(giver upper)

But some of them werent at the friendly..thats why we lost..

i was hoping that we can have another friendly match with seafield again

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why must people do this..


I was at my cousins house in Kepong..We were like bloody bored in the house..
After awhile my cousin asked me wether i would like to go and try out at celebrity fitness..
so i was like ...O.O...yeahh..

When we were there..i did the seven days trial..and it was celebrity fitness one Utama..
we spoke to the staff..signed papers here and there.

After that .. we were told to collect our towels ... later on we had to put our stuff in the locker..
I was damn bloody exited...

[Work out]

[Work out]

[Work out]

[Work out]

[Work out]


[Work out]
damn syokk..

well i only did upper body work out..
and i satarted to feel the pain..
we did from 8-10

Before all of that...i saw bloody huge men..they were all like buff and stuff..
they looked like they had wings on thier shoulders..i felt so young there..
the age limit is acctually 18..and i was the youngest there..but the staff said i dont look like im
16..i was like old do i look..they said i look 19..den i started to imagine myself at that age.

okayyyyyy....we were done with all the work out...woohoo....shower time..

*walks to my locker


*Why are all the lockers open

''Where the Fuck is my Phone ",asked my cousin..T.T

*made a report...
Blah blah Blah Blah Blah.....

*i was like FUCK FUCK FUCK...started asking all the cleaners there..

*when home depressed and happy at the same time..

#1:My first experience in a proper gym..

#2:Im gonna get a new handphone..

thats my update for for late updates..

In memories of my calling device

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Monday, February 9, 2009


As usual,my updates are very short...this is a continueation of my previous update

This is a video , of me and my cousins playing fire crackers...enjoy..

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